Peter Hawtin is the Creator of ‘REVENUE GENERATION SYSTEMS’ – a Suite of integrated processes that speed up the sales cycle by having the ability to customise your message based on your Prospects Behaviour.

He is one of the Most Sort after Revenue Generation Experts, Performance Management Consultants & Sales Trainers in the Country.


My Name is Peter Hawtin – I’m 37 years old, I live on the Gold Coast with the Love of my Life – Loretta – I’m the Proud Father of my 5yr Old Step-Daughter with our Baby due in May & — I’m an ‘Income Generation Expert’

I am the Co-Founder of ‘From Struggle to Success – in Life, Business & Money’ & the Creator of ‘The Income Generation Factory’

Now, you’re probably asking– “Why Should I Listen to this Guy” & “Is This Guy Worth My Time & Attention?” …….

For many – the answer is — Probably NOT.

Here’s Why:

— I DON’T have Celebrity Status or have a MASSIVE following

— I DON’T have any Flashy Awards, Accolades or Fancy Degrees (Hell – I didn’t even finish school!)

— I’ve been on the edge of Bankruptcy (& came close a second time!)

— I’ve Made some very DUMB Decisions – I let my Beliefs, Standards & Character Drop

Here’s What I have Achieved:

— My Dumb Decisions led me on a Destructive Path – Ending up Broke & in a State of Debilitating Anxiety — I Pulled myself from the Depth of Darkness & the Brink of Bankruptcy – Solo & Naturally — (I’m Quite Proud of this Accomplishment)

— Over the Past 2 Decades I have been Studying ‘The Human Condition’– Behaviours, Psychology & Generally what Makes People do what they do  — Over this time,  I’ve been perfecting Strategies, Techniques & Tools that are SO POWERFUL it’s helped me to do the following:

— Driven up to 300% & 400% Growth To Clients Income — In some Cases — Without spending a Cent in Marketing —

— Created a 6-Figure Consulting Business — FROM SCRATCH — Within 12 Months —  WITH NO WEBSITE — NO BUSINESS CARDS — NO MARKETING —

My main focus is to help you increase the amount of income you generate – Quickly, Easily & cost effectively.

— “It is in my opinion that ‘Generating Income’ MUST Be the Number 1 priority in EVERY Business.” —

Without the Generation of Income….well….we all know what happens…

One element of this focus is on your ‘Dynamic Positioning’ – which is just a really fancy way of saying, “Getting People To View You As the Person or Company of Choice”

I do this by showing you the proven strategies, techniques & tools we & many of our clients use – The Results will Speak for Themselves —

Here’s My Very First Offering to You — Go to our home page & read some of the articles shared.

If you like them, sign up for our ‘Reports from the Real World’.

If they help you, consider attending one of our events or buying our products.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for Visiting & Connecting – I’m looking forward to helping you ‘Generate MORE Income’


Here’s What We Help You With Specificially

Our  main focus is to Drive Massive Amounts of Income into your Business — In Turn — Improving the Quality of your life.  The Strategies, Techniques & Tools that we use have been perfected over 2 Decades or Trial & Error and are designed to Deliver Results — Quickly & Easily.  We Do this by using…….

I’m the creator of something called Behavioral Dynamic Response which is a fancy way of saying, “Automated marketing messages delivered to your prospects based on their behavior.”

It is, in Our opinion, That Income is the Oxygen to your Business — without it – YOU DIE.

We also focus on your positioning – which is really a fancy way of saying, “Clearly Placing you as the ONLY Person or Business of Choice in Your Field”

I do this by showing you the best way to genuinely help your prospects before they see your pitch.